iPhone 8 Front Camera Replacement

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Apple iPhone 8 are known for their resilience against viruses and software faults, but like all smartphones, they are not immune to hardware issues.

If your iPhone 8 does not work properly, we recommend our iPhone diagnostic service to check which part of your phone needs to be fixed by our experts in NanoTech Uk.
We provide the best iPhone diagnostic check in the UK, which includes visual inspection, complete cleaning and washing motherboard, using a multimeter to test different parts for localising the problem and starting the repair process.
iPhone general diagnostic service in London UK, sometimes limited to replacing parts which are available as a service in NanoTech iPhone full health test London by experienced engineers. The total fee depends on your phone’s condition, but we promise you will experience the best iPhone 8 diagnostic fee in the UK with our professional team in NanoTech.

Woody 2509Woody 2509
16:22 08 Sep 22
Brought an iPhone 11 in for a screen repair, great service and high quality repair
Linda RoseLinda Rose
18:19 09 Aug 22
Flew in from Toronto and went directly here via the Heathrow Express to get a UK SIM card for my Android phone. Super friendly, helpful service. Swapped my SIM out for me and didn't charge me anything. Simply directed me to Lebara's online deals. You get twice the data for same price if you buy it online. Got 15GB for £10. More than enough for our 2 weeks in England. Thanks!
Ilse G.Ilse G.
14:35 27 Jul 22
Helped me with a (simple) charger issue for free, friendly service.
Chris RiggsChris Riggs
12:13 23 Jul 21
Replaced screen. Quick turnaround and professional, they sorted out an initial problem efficiently, providing a detailed explanation of the fix needed and made. Also very good value compared to Apple or some of the other high street chains. Highly Recommended !
Adrien BAdrien B
13:36 14 Oct 19
Very honest team and good products! My iPhone wouldn't charge anymore and the tech guy said it was simply clogged with dirt and cleaned it for free.. I could've been charged any price for repairs and I wouldn't have known it was just dirt causing the issue! So I bought a charging cable.. price was very reasonable and cable feels to very good quality! A trusted place I would recommend to everyone!

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