No. 1 Smartphone Repairs

Relax while our courier picks up your device and has it back to you within three hours. Available in zones 1-3.
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Send your device in from anywhere.
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Water Damage Repair

Although we have very high success rate of fixing devices damaged by liquid and we deal with most of the phone brands, there is no promise for the repair.

Broken Screen Repair

Broken front glass, touchscreen problems, vertical lines on the screen or nothing on the screen repaired within 2 hours.

Charging Port Repair

We will diagnose the problem with charging port and perform repair or replace it if necessary. Should take less than 1 hour.

Comprehensive phone repairs


Microsoldering Repair

We dive deeper inside the mobile phone and can repair component level problems on the motherboard.

Back Panel Repair

Back glass panel can be replaced on any Samsung, OnePlus, Pixel phones and other. Please provide the colour of your device when you contact us regarding this service.

Battery Replacement

New battery will give your mobile phone a new life. This repair service comes with 6 months warranty and the job usually takes 10-60 minutes depends on phone’s model.


Refurbished Google Phones

Up to 15% Discount

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